Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Repair Near Me

Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Repair Near Me

If you are searching for “coin operated washer and dryer repair near me”, you do not have to go too far to find dependable care.  Commercial Laundries Orlando is your leading commercial laundry supplier with quality products paired with first class services.

We understand that you are losing business when one or more of your machines are acting up.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the experience and expertise to get your machines and facilities back up to full capacity quickly and affordably.  With our skilled technicians and reliable services, issues are promptly diagnosed and taken care of.  We even have preventative plans to protect you and your facilities from future problems. 

Expert Care and Service

Commercial Laundries Orlando has been servicing the commercial laundry sector in central and southern Florida since 1972 and we have built our reputation on being reliable, trustworthy, and having the best customer service.  With nearly fifty years of experience we know what it takes to be a successful laundry business and how important expert care and services are. We service machines and provide coin laundry repair services for all our clients and those who have purchased machines elsewhere.

Types of Machines We Service

Commercial Laundries specializes in self-service coin and card operated laundry equipment and we are well versed in every make and model.  From front loading to top loading, side by side to stackable washers and dryers, we have serviced them all.  Although our business is concentrated on commercial equipment, we also service private household appliances as well.

Skilled Technicians for Coin Laundry Repair Near Me

Our experienced and skilled technicians are all in-house and never outsourced.  Therefore, you can rest assured they all share in our principals of excellence and attention to detail.  Each of our techs have gone through rigorous and extensive education to ensure they are knowledgeable on older and modern machines.

Quick, Dependable, and Affordable Service

You will never have to wait long for service or repairs with our same day or next business day response time. All technicians travel with an equipped van and have access to our 15,000-square-foot warehouse.  With our inventory, replacement machines, and spare parts are always available, allowing technicians to respond to your facility needs fast.  Click here for a request for service and to schedule an appointment for coin operated washer and dryer repair.

Coin Op Laundry Equipment Issues

Our experienced technicians are experts when it comes to coin operated washer repair and they are well versed in the signs of finicky machines.  If any of these issues sound familiar, we can help with all of them and beyond:

  • Trouble turning on or running washer or dryer
  • Leaky washing machine or difficulties draining water
  • Excessive vibrations, rattling or noise
  • Wash machine not spinning
  • Inefficient results or garments coming out unclean
  • Water not reaching set temperature
  • Dryer overheating or not drying clothing completely
  • Jammed coin slot or coin vault
  • Malfunctioning control switches and buttons

If these are any of the symptoms you are facing, they could be the cause of a worn hose or seal.  Some issues can be resolved with routine maintenance, but for the larger problems, make sure you call on a professional.

Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Repair and Upkeep

Proper commercial laundry maintenance is vital for the performance of your laundry facility and a way to avoid coin operated washer repair.  Some daily tasks should be performed to prevent problems before they occur.  Here are some tips for commercial laundry machine maintenance:

  • Clean drum and washtub of moisture and lint after each use
  • Wipe down machine exteriors and dry door seals
  • Wash detergent dispensers and avoid buildup
  • Check equipment ducts and clear lint trays

As a busy property manager there isn’t always enough time in the day.  For an extra set of hands and assistance with routine checks and upkeep, sign up for our customizable service and maintenance package.  One of our technicians will oversee the wellbeing of your facility and perform all the maintenance on your machines to prevent unnecessary repairs in the future.

When you find yourself in need of coin operated washer and dryer repair near me, contact the professionals of Commercial Laundries Orlando, at (407) 986-1410.  We will get your machines and facilities back up and running in no time.