7 Reasons Why You Should Use Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Rethink your laundry payment system and switch over to a cashless system with card operated laundry equipment.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Card Operated Laundry Equipment

When asking yourself why use card op laundry equipment, think of how much easier your job would be when you eliminate cash and coins from your laundry business.  Card operated laundry equipment helps save property owners and managers time and money with the bonus of convenience.  These machines have come a long way and are modern, sleek, and user friendly.  Through the use of smart cards and mobile payments, card operated laundry machines make your laundry amenity easier to manage and monitor.  Not to mention more profitable, secure, and hygienic.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has premium laundry equipment and a knowledgeable team to help get your facility upgraded and running.  Here are seven reasons to use card op laundry equipment in your laundry room.

1. Save Yourself Time and Money

Collecting coins can be time consuming or money draining if you hire a third party to round up funds.  Not only that but waiting weekly or biweekly to deliver earnings to the bank delays your profits.  With card operated laundry machines all your auditing is automatic and precise.  Revenue is deposited into your business account hassle free and without delay.

2. Increase Security and Reliability

Not only does card operated laundry equipment look good, but it will make you feel good as a property manager to not have to worry and keep an eye on things.  With smart card systems, you will no longer have to fret about theft or slugs in your laundry room.  With all transactions being automatic, you will know how much revenue is coming into your facility securely and accurately. 

3. Gain Greater Control of Your Pricing and Increase Profits

Utility prices often fluctuate and with that your cost.  With coin operated washers and dryers, you are stuck with increasing your prices on the quarter which can be good for you but may upset your residents.  With card operated laundry equipment, you have the freedom to increase your pricing in smaller increments remotely.  With the ease of price adjustment, you can charge a few cents more for different cycles, increasing your gross sales.

4. Track Your Profits and Access Your Equipment Remotely

With a card op system, you can view your sales and usage statistics remotely, giving you full transparency of your business.  Adjust pricing, view tenant usage, and receive alerts on machine issues all from the comfort of your office or home.

5. Boost Resident Satisfaction

In today’s day and age of credit and debit cards, cash is often a burden.  With the ease of your new card operated laundry machines, your tenants can do their laundry without having to worry about coins.  Residents simply deposit credit onto their laundry smart card with credit or debit and they are ready to go.  From there, residents can receive alerts about available machines and laundry status notifications for even more convenience. 

6. Give Your Tenants a More Hygienic Laundry Room

Why use card op laundry equipment when you have perfectly functioning coin operated laundry machines?  The convenience of card op machinery is apparent but not only that, it is more sanitary.  With all that is going on in the world today, hygiene is a major priority and with the usage of smart card technology or a mobile laundry app system, your tenants will have more contactless payment options when doing their laundry. 

7. Experience the Convenience of a Cashless Payment System

Card operated laundry equipment makes everyone’s life a little easier and both property managers and residents will appreciate the benefits of a cashless laundry system.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have machines from famous manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool for purchase or lease.  Choose from new or gently used commercial washers and dryers.  Our customizable laundry lease program comes paired with free service and maintenance, suitable for any budget. 

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