7 Ways to Make Your Laundry Facility Safer for Residents During COVID-19

Keep your staff and your residents protected with some recommended safety measures and cashless laundry apps for multi-family housing.

ways to make your laundry facility safer for Residents - COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases still an issue, cities and states are advising people to stay home and avoid unnecessary outings.  The fact of the matter is laundry is a necessity and running an essential business means we must keep our facilities open and operating efficiently and safely.  Let your residents know that you have their needs and best interests at heart by sharing your laundry facility updates for COVID with them and showing them how they can do their laundry responsibly.  Additionally, give your tenants contactless payment methods to ensure a safer and more sanitary environment for everyone.  Here are seven ways to make your laundry facility safer for residents.

1. Schedule Routine Cleaning

Operating an essential business or service comes with great responsibility to your staff and your tenants.  Although many laundry rooms are open 24/7 it is important that you take time and schedule a thorough cleaning of your laundry facility multiple times a day if possible.  Use EPA-registered disinfectants to wipe down machines and all surfaces and educate your staff on the importance of their own health and safety practices and cleaning property amenities with precision.

2. Provide Cleaning Supplies

Give your residents access to cleaning supplies and disinfectants and provide them with an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of your facility.  Request that all laundry room users take part in wiping down machines before and after use for their safety and the safety of their neighbors. 

3. Encourage Safe Practices

Social distancing should be practiced and encouraged, especially in enclosed spaces.  Require all residents to wear masks in the laundry room and small quarters of your property.  Recommend tenants do their laundry during off peak hours or during the week to avoid crowds.  Post signs around facilities as friendly reminders to do their part and to encourage everyone to follow laundry facility updates for COVID.

4. Close Waiting Areas and Folding Stations

Block off sitting areas and folding stations to keep residents from lingering in laundry room.  You want your tenants in and out as quickly as possible.

5. Contactless Payment Options

If you don’t already have a cashless payment option such as card operated equipment, consider using cashless laundry apps for multi-family housing.  Easy to set up and install in your existing laundry facility, apps such as Laundryvalue make your laundry facility safer for residents and give your them an alternative payment option.  Your tenants simply download the Laundryvalue app and add their credit or debit card information when they sign up.  From there, residents can start a machine by scanning the QR code via Bluetooth or entering the machine ID number, all without touching a coin or control panel.  Click here to contact our team and find out how you can use cashless laundry apps for your multi-family housing property.

6. Mobile App Alerts and Notifications

Once your cashless system is set up, your residents can use the Laundryvalue app to keep track of their laundry, receive alerts for available machines and notifications about their completed laundry. The use of a laundry mobile app will make your laundry facility safer for residents as there will be no need for your tenants to wait around for their laundry or check for available washers, limiting tenant encounters and exposure.

7. Keep in Touch with Residents

Communication is key during these uncertain times.  Keeping in touch with your residents will let them know you are attentive to their needs and the health and safety of the community.  Flyers around your property are informative and will help you reach most residents.  You can also send announcements and notices through the Laundryvalue app, keeping them up to speed on your laundry facility updates for COVID.

With so many cases still coming up around the country, people grow more and more concerned about how to go on with their everyday lives and responsibilities.  Give them peace of mind and a space to do to their laundry in a safe and conscientious manner.  Give Commercial Laundries Orlando a call at, (407) 986-1410 to start cashless laundry apps for multi-family housing to make your laundry facility safer for residents.