How to Rent Card Operated Laundry Equipment

rent card operated laundry equipment

Rent card op laundry equipment from a dependable distributor that has more to offer than just washers and dryers.  Get the perks that you deserve when you lease card operated laundry machines.

There are many benefits when you lease card operated laundry machines.  Renting your equipment gives you the financial freedom with little to no upfront costs.  When you choose to lease card operated laundry equipment, work with a distributor that you can trust and one that has the services to support you.  Here are a few things to look for in a commercial laundry distributor when you decide to rent card operated laundry equipment. 

Choose a Dependable Commercial Laundry Distributor that Delivers on the Perks

With all the commercial laundry suppliers out there, you may have a tough time choosing one that is right for you and your laundry facility.  It is important to know your options and the differences between distributors and what they have to offer.  First, you want to work with a company that will support you throughout the lifetime of your lease with any issues you may run into.  There are also quite a few services and benefits that may come along with your lease at no extra cost to you.

Quality Equipment

Just because you choose to rent card operated laundry equipment doesn’t mean you have to settle for inferior machines.  Quality washers and dryers should be available to you whether you choose to buy or lease.  Choose vigorous equipment that will withstand the tough treatment of everyday use.  Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool are some of the most well-known manufacturers in the world because of their robust construction and engineering, and innovative machines. 

Take for instance, Speed Queen card operated laundry machines and their Quantum Control features.  Their advanced controls give tenants the convenience of customizing their laundry experience and connecting to machines through their smartphone application.  Property managers save time on auditing and accounting with coinless laundry and peace of mind.  Choose to lease card operated laundry machines that are energy efficient to increase your savings on water, gas, and electricity.

Experienced Technicians and Mechanics and Dependable Service

Find a company that has their own technicians and mechanics in house.  Many companies use third party contracted techs to do their dirty work.  A well-rounded distributor will have highly trained commercial laundry technicians that are available when you need them the most.  A request for service should just be a phone call or a click  away.

Quick and Easy Delivery and Installation

Rent card op laundry equipment with the guarantee of free delivery and installation.  You are on a time crunch and the commercial laundry distributor that you are working with should respect this.  Before you sign your contract, ask about quick and easy set up.  Make sure that the team that delivers your machines are willing to hook up and test run your washers and dryers.

Free Service and Maintenance Programs

When you rent card op laundry equipment it is imperative that you maintain your investment and your machines.  Managing your multi-housing property and an onsite laundry facility can be time consuming.  A quality supplier will include a complementary service and maintenance plan to help keep your machines and facility running at its peak and to alleviate some of the weight off your shoulders.

Lease Card Operated Laundry Machines with Commercial Laundries Orlando

Reap the benefits of leasing your commercial laundry equipment when you work with a dependable commercial laundry supplier.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the premium washers and dryers you desire and the superior customer service you deserve.  When you rent card operated laundry equipment with us, you will receive free delivery, installation, and service and maintenance by our highly trained and experienced technicians. 

Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando, at (407) 986-1410 to rent card op laundry equipment and have them up and running in no time.