Whirlpool Commercial Washers and Dryers for Sale or Lease

Whirlpool Commercail Washers and Dryers for Sale or Lease

Provide your tenants and patrons with an onsite laundry amenity full of robust and reliable Whirlpool commercial washers and dryers to add some much needed convenience to their lives and to help generate some extra revenue for your property. 

Whirlpool has got the durable and dependable commercial laundry machines you are looking for.  Select from various models and designs to best suit your facility and the needs of your residents.  Whether you run a multi-housing complex, college campus, hotel, or RV mobile home park or campsite, Whirlpool has the machines you can rely on.  Your investment in commercial Whirlpool washers and dryers will give you the ability to increase your profits and save money over time with their innovative designs and advanced engineering. Commercial Laundries has your robust Whirlpool commercial laundry machines for sale in Orlando.

Whirlpool Commercial Washers and Dryers

Depending on your demographic, you want to take some time to research the array of different models and designs from Whirlpool to best cater to your residents.  With their microprocessor controls you can customize vendor prices and wash and dry cycles, allowing you to adjust prices as you see fit and increase profits.  From top loading to front loading, card operated or coin operated machines, they have thought of everything to meet and exceed your expectations.

Top-Load Washers

Whirlpool’s top loaders are constructed with a ½-HP motor and a deep-water wash system to accompany its traditional flex-vane agitator for optimal cleaning performance.  These machines’ flex-vane agitators use four different patterns to adjust from gentle to more forceful speeds. These traditional models are a crowd favorite for their classic design which allows you to soak garments and add clothing throughout wash cycles.

Front-Load Washers

Front loaders are equipped with a commercial-grade galvanized steel cabinet and automatic load balancing system for a robust laundry experience.  These front-loading machines’ construction make them naturally High-Efficiency and energy efficient.  Their innovative design distributes water with its tumbling action which distributes water throughout the wash cycle, requiring much less water than your traditional top loaders.   

Stack Washers and Dryers

Stackable machines allow you to maximize on your floor space and increase your laundry amenity’s productivity.  Their large capacity 3.1 cu.ft washer allows your tenants to decrease their laundry load numbers and dry their bulky items efficiently in their 6.7 cu.ft dryer.  Stack commercial whirlpool washers and dryers are constructed with a six-point suspension for automatic load balancing to keep cycles consistent and a commercial-grade galvanized steel and porcelain enamel cabinet for increased durability to withstand everyday use.  With their sophisticated dryer venting system, your laundry facility can take advantage of this energy efficient feature and cut utility costs.

Durable and Dependable 

Whirlpool appliances have been around since 1911 and they are one of the most trusted and well recognized names in the world.  Constructed with commercial grade parts to ensure their longevity and place in your onsite laundry facility , their robust machines are built for heavy traffic and have the power to tackle any laundry load, everyday use, and the test of time.  All commercial Whirlpool washers and dryers are available in energy efficient models to help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on utilities.  For extra and necessary attention to your tenants needs, include a few of Whirlpool’s ADA compliant machines to better serve your handicapped community. 

Buy or Lease Commercial Whirlpool Washers and Dryers

When searching for Whirlpool commercial laundry machines for sale in Orlando call on Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Here we have the economical solutions to suit your budget and the power to get your laundry facility up and running quickly and efficiently.  When you lease your Whirlpool commercial washers and dryers with us, all service and maintenance is included to help manage your machines and keep them operating at peak efficiency.

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