Altamonte Springs Card Op Washing Machines and Dryers to Purchase or Lease

Altamonte Springs Card Op Washing Machines and Dryers

Lease or Purchase card operated washing machines and dryers in Altamonte Springs to spruce up your onsite commercial laundry facility.

Card operated laundry machines are a great modern addition to your laundry amenity.  When you buy the right card op equipment you will quickly see the many benefits. Known for their convenient features and technological advancements, you will increase your renters’ satisfaction along with your profits.  Although card operated machines cost a bit more than coin operated equipment, there are many options out there to fit any budget.  Here are several things to look for when you choose to purchase card operated washing machines in Altamonte Springs and their many benefits.

What to Look for in Commercial Laundry Machines

Just like any new purchase for your multi-housing property, you want to do your research and find the best fit for your site and tenants. There are many makes and models out there on the market, but most importantly, you want to invest in equipment that is built to last.

  • Choose machines that have stainless steel or porcelain enamel wash tubs. 
  • Machines with all metal components and less moving parts are the most durable. 
  • User friendly displays are important for easy access and to meet the needs of all of your patrons.
  • Energy efficient equipment is better for the environment and will help you cut utility costs.
  • Include a few ADA compliant machines to meet the needs of your handicapped community.

Here is a look at some of the latest equipment from the reputable manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.

Benefits of Card Operated Equipment

The popularity of cashless machines have been on the rise for some time now.  More and more patrons prefer to pay with a smartphone or card and simply do not carry cash on them.  Not only are card operated washers and dryers more convenient for your tenants, but you will quickly learn just how beneficial they can be to you as well. 

  • No more need to count coins.  Auditing is done automatically and accurately, which saves you time and offers you the added security benefit of not having cash on site.
  • Easily adjust prices by a few cents at a time to cover rising operation costs and to increase profits. 
  • Customers are more likely to spend more money when they pay with a card than with cash.  Upselling wash cycles is easier with just a click of a button or a tap on a screen.
  • Access your machines remotely and receive status information on equipment.
  • Increase tenant satisfaction with modern equipment, more customizable wash cycles and convenience.
  • Track tenants’ usage promotions, discounts, and loyalty points to encourage patronage.
  • Residents can conveniently pay with a card or their smartphone application.  They can also use the app to learn about the status of their laundry or available machines. 

Lease or Purchase Card Operated Washing Machines

Don’t let the thought of upgrading your commercial laundry equipment overwhelm you.  Although brand new equipment is ideal to many, you also have the option to purchase refurbished commercial laundry equipment that performs like new at a discounted price.  Many property owners also choose to lease laundry equipment when on a budget.  Leasing requires little or no upfront cost and plans come paired with free commercial laundry service and maintenance.

Altamonte Springs Card Op Washers and Dryers for Sale at Commercial Laundries Orlando

If you are looking for Altamonte Springs card op washers and dryers for sale, Commercial Laundries Orlando has exceptional equipment at competitive and affordable prices.  Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss our new or used commercial laundry equipment.  Our tax-deductible leasing program is also a great way to get your facility up and running in no time.  With each purchase or lease program, we guarantee quick and easy installation along with our outstanding customer service.

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