Energy Efficient Commercial Washing Machines

Get a return on your laundry equipment investment by switching to energy efficient commercial washing machines.

Manufacturers are constantly improving their products by focusing on efficiency and productivity.  Modern commercial washing machines and dryers that are energy efficient will not only save you money on utility costs, but they can also help increase your profits all the while doing good for the environment.  Being eco conscious in our business decisions speaks volumes to our patrons, increases satisfaction and attracts prospective tenants.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the best energy efficient commercial washers and dryers available in both coin and card operated machines to get you on the right track.  Here are several reasons you should make the change to commercial washing machines and dryers that are energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Commercial Washing Machines Bring Savings

Commercial washing machines and dryers that are energy efficient have more capacity than traditional models and save on utility costs.  With the removal of the central washing agitator there is more room for garments, reducing the number of laundry loads.  Energy efficient washers require less water, gas, and energy to operate.  With their fast spin cycles, more water is extracted, reducing moisture and drying time.  With these resource saving features, you will quickly notice a significant cut to your costs.

Increase Your Revenue

Introducing new and modern energy efficient commercial washing machines to your onsite laundry facility will allow you to increase your pricing and profits.  Tenants will happily pay more for convenience and better equipment.  With larger wash tubs you can increase your vending prices for machines with greater capacity and efficient wash cycles.

Satisfy Your Tenants and Attract Prospective Residents

The world is growing more conscious of its carbon footprint and the impact people have on the environment.  People are starting to make wiser decisions when it comes to their purchases and the effect they have on the planet, searching for better, more eco-friendly businesses.  Keeping up with their desires and requests is imperative and commercial washing machines and dryers that are energy efficient are a way to keep up with demand.  Not only will you maintain your tenant satisfaction, but you will be more attractive to prospective residents with your new, cutting edge laundry amenity. 

Know the Facts About Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment

A “green” amenity is better all-around; energy efficient commercial washing machines are better for everyone.  Although you may have to spend a little to switch out your old, energy guzzling machines for modern eco-friendly machines, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.  Here is a recap of the facts:

  • Energy efficient washers are about 25% more efficient and consume about 45% less water than traditional machines.
  • By design, front loaders are known to be more energy efficient, requiring about half as much water as top loaders.
  • Energy efficient washers have a fast spin speed to extract more water and moisture from garments resulting in dryer clothes, less time in the dryer and less energy usage.
  • High spin speeds of 1800 RPM extract twice as much moisture compared to conventional speeds of 800 RPM.
  • Energy efficient washers require less energy for hot water loads because less water is used.

Buy or Lease the Best Energy Efficient Commercial Washers and Dryers

With a little investment in new equipment you could turn your onsite laundry amenity around, save on utilities, increase profits, and keep your tenants satisfied, all the while doing your part for the environment.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando we have some of the best energy efficient commercial washers and dryers on the market and the economical solutions for you to make it all a reality.  Choose from new or gently used commercial laundry machines from reputable manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.  For the budget conscious consumer, we have customizable commercial laundry lease programs.  Our tax-deductible lease programs are accompanied with complimentary service and maintenance plans to keep your amenity efficient.

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