Rent Commercial Washers and Dryers in Lake Buena Vista FL

Lease commercial laundry machines in Lake Buena Vista from the trusted professionals at Commercial Laundries Orlando. When searching to rent commercial washers and dryers in Lake Buena Vista, make sure you are getting dependable, quality equipment from a provider you can rely on. Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have the premium equipment you have been searching for, paired with the best customer service around. Our team of experienced technicians and mechanics are always a phone call away to help with service and repairs. When you lease commercial laundry machines in Lake Buena Vista with us, we have got you covered with our free service and maintenance plans to keep your laundry operation running smoothly. Rent your equipment from Commercial Laundries Orlando to take advantage of our first-class services. Choose Your Trusted Commercial Laundry Distributor in Lake Buena Vista Commercial Laundries Orlando is a family owned and operated business since 1972. Our dedication and expertise are what our clients depend on the most. As a trusted member of this community for nearly five decades, we have built our reputation on our long-standing relationships with our clients and our dependable machines. We offer a great array of services and equipment to help your onsite laundry facility be a success. Select from Premium Commercial Washers and Dryers, Lake Buena Vista All of our equipment is from world famous manufacturers that we have built relationships with and whom we trust. Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool are known for their robust appliances and innovative engineering. When you rent commercial washers and dryers in Lake Buena Vista with us, you have your pick of our top of the line appliances. Call on Us for All of Your Commercial Laundry Needs and Services Not only do we have some of the best equipment on the market, but we also offer a multitude of services to best serve our clients and community. When one or more of your machines are down or running sluggishly, odds are they are costing you big time, or they could be a potential hazard. Call on our technicians for a free assessment or a request for service. Our experienced technicians will be able to assess any issues you may be having and repair your commercial laundry machines in no time. Work with an Experienced Team of Technicians and Mechanics All of our technicians and mechanics are inhouse and highly trained to solve any issues you may be having with your machines. When you rent commercial washers and dryers in Lake Buena Vista with us, all of your service and maintenance is complementary. No need to worry about costly machine servicing. Our experienced techs will perform routine checks to ensure your machines are operating at their optimal performance level and they will take care of any issues on the spot. Lease Commercial Laundry Machines in Lake Buena Vista There are many benefits to renting commercial laundry equipment when you work with Commercial Laundries Orlando. There is no need for big upfront costs and all of the stress of service and maintenance is taken off of your plate. All of our commercial laundry lease programs are customizable to fit any budget. For additional savings, our machines are energy efficient, ensuring you save substantially on your water, gas and electric costs. Our machines are built with solid metal components and stainless steel or porcelain enamel wash tubs to protect garments during wash cycles. Your newly leased laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries Orlando is sure to make a statement to your patrons and increase your revenue. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives at, (407) 986-1410 to discuss your many options when you lease commercial washers and dryers in Lake Buena Vista with Commercial Laundries Orlando.