Where to Buy Commercial Laundry Machines for Multi-Family Housing

Commercial Laundries Orlando has the expertise and the dedication to serve your multi-family housing laundry amenity.

buy commercial laundry machines for muli-family housing

Since 1972, Commercial Laundries has been serving the commercial laundry sector in Florida with focus on the multi-family housing and hospitality businesses such as condos and apartment properties.  We offer an array of premium commercial washing and drying machines specializing in self-service, coin and card operated equipment.  We know what it takes for a multi-family housing laundry facility to be successful and we are prepared to stand by your side to help make that happen for you.  Whether you are looking to rent or buy commercial laundry machines for multi-family housing, we have got all your commercial laundry needs covered.

Expertise and Dedication

With nearly five decades of experience in the commercial laundry sector, we have come to be the largest commercial laundry supplier in Florida for multi-family properties, student and college campus housing, senior homes, RV mobile parks and hotels.  Our innovative machines from Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool are constantly advancing their technology to bring you improved laundry performance to meet and exceed your expectations.  Our dedicated team of managers, representatives, technicians, and mechanics have years of expertise in the business to deliver the best commercial laundry services for multi-family housing properties to you.

Purchasing and Leasing

Buy Commercial Laundry Machines for Multi-Family Housing

When you decide to buy or rent coin op laundry machines for multi-family housing properties, there are a few factors to consider.  When you buy commercial laundry machines for multi-family housing you want to ensure you are getting quality machines that your tenants expect.  All of our machines are built with robust construction and advanced engineering for a sound investment.  For a way to save a bit of funding, consider buying our gently used commercial laundry equipment that has been refurbished to run like new.

Rent Coin Op Laundry Machines for Multi-Family Housing Properties

You may be looking to replace one or several rundown machines, but why not replace the whole fleet?  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando we have an exceptional option to rent coin op laundry machines for multi-family housing properties.  This is a quick and affordable way to get your onsite laundry facility raring to go immediately.  All our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease programs are customizable to best fit your needs.  Best of all, they come with complimentary service and maintenance to keep your machines running efficiently.

Quick and Reliable Installation and Service

Our customer satisfaction is a main priority of ours and we want to help set your venture off smoothly.  That’s why there are many perks to expect when you partner with Commercial Laundries Orlando:

  •       Quick and free delivery and installation
  •       Thorough performance testing by our highly trained technicians
  •       Removal of unwanted washers and dryers
  •       Speedy repairs and servicing
  •       Online GPS tracking system for deliveries and repairs to know when to expect us

Efficient Maintenance and Repair Services

When you rent or buy commercial laundry machines for multi-family housing, proper service and maintenance is imperative to keep your machines and facility cost-effective and running efficiently.  All of our technicians are dependable and experienced to detect machine errors or issues.  Equipped with a stocked service vehicle and access to our 15,000-square-foot warehouse, your repairs will be completed in no time.  For more intricate attention, consider enrolling in one of our customizable commercial laundry service and maintenance plans to help take some of the stress of maintenance off of your shoulders.

Work with Leading Provider in the Commercial Laundry Industry

From our dependable machinery to our comprehensive services, we have got all of your commercial laundry needs covered.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members and learn more about our products and commercial laundry services for multi-family housing properties.  Give us a call at, (407) 986-1410 and connect with us on social media!