Equip Your RV Park with Energy Efficient Coin Op Laundry Machines

Increase your profits and campers’ satisfaction with coin op laundry machines for an RV park.

Energy Efficient Coin Op Laundry Machines for RV Park

RV parks have come a long way and their amenities are what sets them apart from their competition.  Whether your property caters to long term tenants or the weekend campers, a functional onsite laundry facility will offer them the comforts they are searching for.

If you run an RV campground you know that camping is fun for the whole family.  It allows people to disconnect from their everyday technological worlds and experience the ruggedness of the outdoors.  However, there are some comforts that should not be left out when it comes to your RV park, that includes energy efficient coin op laundry machines for an RV park.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando we have all you need and more to start equipping your property today.

Commercial Laundry Equipment for an RV Park

Upgrade or starting from scratch, either way, with new and modern equipment you are sure to enhance the value of your RV park and increase your profits.   When your guests are looking for a site to park their RVs on, they are not only looking for a parking spot, but grounds that can fulfill their other needs.  Just like a multi-housing property, tenants and campers are looking for clean and functional amenities.  With modern energy efficient coin op laundry machines, you will attract more clients and boost your retention rate with commercial laundry equipment for an RV park.

Large Capacity Washers and Dryers

When choosing new machines, opt for machines with large wash tubs.  Many RVs are equipped with small two-in-one washers and dryers, but they don’t always get the heavy-duty jobs done, especially for those bigger loads of laundry we often have to do.  Large capacity washers and dryers allow your guests to wash their blankets, towels and throw rugs that they would otherwise have to take to the local laundromat.  Check out our robust and dependable washers and dryers from Speed Queen.

Space Saving Stackable Units

For a space saving solution have a look at our stackable washers and dryers.  These units have the same capacity and optimal performance as traditional side-by-side machines but allow you to maximize on your floor space.  Whether you are limited on square footage or would like to double up on your equipment, these are the machines for your RV park.

Energy Efficient Coin Op Laundry Machines for an RV Park

Being out in nature and caring for our environment is a priority to many of your RVers and campers.  Our energy efficient coin op machines are eco conscious and will help you reduce your ecofootprint.  Energy efficient coin op laundry machines have an advanced spin cycle and laundry weight detection system that require less water to operate.  Their fast spinning action extracts more moisture than non-energy efficient models, requiring less time in the dryer thus saving even more energy.   Over the lifetime of your machines you will save thousands of dollars in utility costs.

Buy Vs. Lease

With Commercial Laundries Orlando you have many buying and leasing options to decide from.  Choose from brand new or gently used commercial laundry equipment from leading manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.  Our refurbished washers and dryers are a sustainable and cost-effective choice to get the equipment you desire at a lower price.  Each machine is guaranteed and has gone through rigorous tests to ensure they meet all our high standards.  For even more cost-saving options, consider our tax-deductible commercial laundry leasing program.

By adding a bit of convenience to your RV park with our energy efficient coin op laundry machines you will increase your guest satisfaction and boost camper retention.  Contact our team today at, (407) 986-1410 to discuss commercial laundry equipment for an RV park and all your options with Commercial Laundries Orlando.