Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Rent or Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment for a Wise and Cost-Effective Solution.

Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Enjoy the many benefits of a modern laundry facility for your multi-housing property when you lease commercial laundry machines with Commercial Laundries Orlando.  When deciding to start a new laundry room or upgrade an existing facility, weigh out the pros and cons of buying new equipment versus leasing.  If you have the funds or a loan to purchase your equipment outright, you may have already made the decision.  Even if this is the case, leasing commercial laundry machines with Commercial Laundries Orlando is an affordable, and often liberating option packed with many advantages of our full-service care and maintenance.

Cost Effective Commercial Laundry Lease

Leasing commercial laundry equipment in Orlando allows you to get your onsite laundry facility up and running right away.  The difference between leasing and buying your equipment is that you do not have to have your funds laid out.  There are little to no upfront costs and you can get started on outfitting your laundry facility today.  No need to take out loans or borrow money.  Whatever funds you do have set aside can be allocated elsewhere on your property.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has customizable leasing programs that are unique to each of our client’s individual circumstances and needs.

Complementary Service, Maintenance and Repair

When you lease commercial laundry equipment in Orlando with Commercial Laundries you will be saving essential capital by benefiting from our customer care and service and maintenance packages.  All of our leasing plans come equipped with service and maintenance included for the lifetime of your lease to help that the stress of upkeep off of your shoulders.  With the care of our professional technicians there will be no expensive repairs.  Additionally, with your predictable payments and repairs taken care of, you will not have any unexpected costs.

Access to Top-Quality Commercial Laundry Machines

Making the decision to rent commercial laundry equipment gives yourself the benefit of a new or updated laundry room facility with modern and energy efficient washers and dryers without the need to shell out big bucks that you may not have.  Buying premium machines is costly and oftentimes unobtainable.  But renting commercial laundry equipment with us at Commercial Laundries Orlando gives you access to top of the line, quality machines from our leading manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.

With our leasing program, you have access to these companies’ robust machines that are innovative and dependable.  Choose from an array of different models to best suit your patrons needs.  For more information on the different models that we carry and their benefits, click on the links below.

Rent Commercial Laundry Equipment with the Best Customer Care

When you choose to lease commercial laundry equipment in Orlando with us, you are not only gaining access to our premium machines, but also our superior customer service.  We take great pride in our attention to detail and our attentiveness to our clients.   Remember, when you enter into a leasing program with any company, you are committing to doing business with them for an extended period of time.  Choose a company that you wouldn’t mind working alongside.  Our service and long-standing relationships with our clients are what sets us apart from all the rest.

Leasing commercial laundry equipment in Orlando is an easy and affordable task when you work with a dependable company.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 for more information about our competitive leasing program and great customer service.

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