Commercial Laundry Equipment for Orlando Rehab Facilities

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Orlando Rehab Facilites

Give your guests the level of care they deserve by outfitting your rehabilitation center with a functional and modern laundry facility.

Provide your clients with exceptional accommodations to help make their stay more comfortable.  Your guests will appreciate your attention to their needs while they restore themselves back to good health.  Whether you are looking to put in a new laundry room, or you wish to improve your current facility, know that we are here to support you.  Have a look at our dependable equipment to help you make the right decision for your rehabilitation laundry service.

Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

Dependable and trustworthy machines from Commercial Laundries Orlando will have your rehabilitation laundry services up and running in no time.  Our premium commercial washers and dryers are from world-renowned manufactures, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and more.  All our machines are equipped with advanced agitation systems which adjust laundry load balance and water usage.  Their supreme extraction feature has a high-speed spin cycle which reduces water and moisture, requiring less drying time.  Our commercial dryers are constructed with robust heat tumbling cycles which generate airflow, prompting laundry to dry quickly and efficiently.

High Efficiency Washers and Dryers

These High Efficiency or HE washers and dryers have fast cycle technology, with quick spin cycles and quicker wash time.  HE models come with a multitude of energy and cost saving features which are sure to make you and your guests happy.

  • Fast cycle technology, with rapid spin cycles and quicker wash time
  • Stronger spin cycles which remove more water from garments, decreasing dry time and energy consumption
  • Save your clients time with quicker wash and dry cycles
  • Machines require at least 50% less water than traditional models, therefore less energy to heat water per cycle

These machines are more environmentally friendly and require less water and energy to get the job done, making them an excellent addition to your rehabilitation laundry service.

Coin and Card Operated Machines

Choosing between coin or card operated machines depends on you and your clients’ preferences.  Coin operated machines are familiar and well accepted among older generations as they are straightforward and easy to understand.  They are durable and have been around a long time making them a confident choice for many.  As a step towards the future, card operated machines are a modern approach to your laundry facility.  Card-op washers and dryers give owners more control over pricing and allow you to track your guests’ laundry usage.  Because everything is paid for through the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility, there is no need for auditing your machines as everything is debited and uploaded directly to your account.  To help make a more informed decision, have a look at the pros and cons of each machine.

Buying and Leasing Equipment

Commercial Laundries Orlando has new and used machines for purchase and lease.  Depending on your budget and facility, we have a great team that is excited to work with you and discover the best option for your rehabilitation laundry service.  Additionally, we have beneficial tax-deductible leasing programs that will help you with your initial expenses and assist you in getting started right away.  With our competitive leasing programs, all maintenance and service are included for the lifetime of the lease.

Providing the individuals that enter your rehabilitation center the little conveniences and comforts of home will help lead them on the path to recovery.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at (407) 986-1410, for assistance in setting up your rehabilitation laundry service with new or used equipment.

We are delighted to go over the differences between each model and our goal is that you find the best machines to suit you and your guests.  Connect with us on social media and leave us a review online!