Benefits of High-Efficiency Commercial Washing Machines

high-efficiency commercial washing machines

Protect the environment and garments from wear and tear by upgrading to high-efficiency washing machines.

High-efficiency, or HE commercial washers are becoming more and more popular in marketplace for their eco consciousness and their increasing affordability and cost-effectiveness. Machines may cost you a bit upfront, but they will end up saving you in comparison to traditional washers.  These Energy Star certified machines use less energy and water and have advanced construction and wash settings, which set them apart from all the rest.  Commercial Laundries Orlando is the leading provider of HE washers in Florida supporting our environmental commitment to our customers and our planet.

Energy Star Certified

The Energy Star program, started in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency, ensures that products uses less energy than other comparable machines on the market without jeopardizing productivity.  Efficiency doesn’t just refer to the amount of electricity it takes to run a washer or dryer, but how much power they will take to heat water and the amount of energy to dry clothes.  On average, 80% of washing machine energy goes to heating the water, so it’s understandable that HE models use less water.  Have a look at our Energy Star certified equipment from world renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and more.

HE Machine Construction

Advanced agitation system minus the agitator.  Agitators in traditional models are designed to help move clothing along in the washing machine, however, high-efficiency washers do not have one.  These machines use a series of spin and rotation cycles at high and low speeds to move garments.  To rinse clothing, washers don’t have to fill up with water, they in turn use high water pressure to extract soap, saving water.

Today, HE machines are available in both top and front-loading models.  Top loaders also use different spin cycles and contain a small wash plate at the bottom of the washtub to move clothing. Washers also have an innovative technology that weights and detects the size of each laundry load to determine the optimal water level.

Advantages of HE Washers

As important as the environmental impact of a machine is, its performance is consumers number one concern.  They can rest assured that high-efficiency washers perform just as well, if not superior to traditional models.  These washers have been put to the test and not only produce cleaner laundry, but they are proven to be gentler on clothing.  With their advanced agitation system and stainless steel or porcelain enameled washtubs, washers help protect clothing from wear and tear.  Conventional models typically contain a plastic agitator that often snags fabric, resulting in runs and damage to clothing.  Additionally, removing the agitator from washing machines increases space and capacity and decreases the number of loads of laundry.

Our high-efficiency washers and dryers have many more customizable settings, allowing users to tailor their laundry loads to their specific needs for better results.  Consumers can choose the type of wash cycle they desire from several pre-settings, and they can adjust where they see fit; from water temperature, to spin speed, to soil level.  Although some HE cycles take more time to run, washers have an enhanced extraction system with their high-speed spin cycles, removing more water and moisture, requiring less time in the dryer.

Did we mention how great high-efficiency washers are for the environment?  HE washers consume 30% less energy and 50% less water than your traditional machines, thus outputting less waste.  Not only are they good for the environment but they are also friendly on your wallet.  Requiring less energy and water are sure to make an impressive impact on your utility costs.

Purchasing High Efficiency Commercial Washers with Commercial Laundries

The price tag for HE Commercial washing machines may seem a bit high but with more innovative designs, costs are lowering quickly and with the amount they save you on energy, you will be able to recuperate in no time.  It has been estimated that the amount of money you save over the years will eventually cover the cost of the washer in the end.

Upgrading your laundry facility to energy and cost-efficient washers has never been easier than when you purchase or lease your equipment with Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Depending on your budget, you may be torn between buying new or used equipment or leasing.  Here, we know that no one client is the same and we work with each customer’s individual circumstances.  Have a look at our competitive, tax-deductible leasing program.   When you lease with us, you also receive complementary maintenance and services for the lifetime of your lease.  This way you can focus on what really matters and leave those pesky unexpected repairs to us.


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