Commercial Washers and Dryers for Hotels in Orlando

Commercial Washers and Dryers for Hotels in Orlando _

Commercial Laundries Orlando is Orlando’s leading commercial laundry equipment retailer.

Take your hotel up a notch with an ecofriendly approach all the while saving on utility and labor costs.   A few changes to your hotel commercial laundry could decrease costs and increase profits and efficiency.

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If you are looking to add or update commercial laundry equipment to your Orlando hotel as an amenity for your guests, Commercial Laundries Orlando has the equipment that will help you save.  Water consumption, energy usage, and waste are some of the biggest costs to hotels.  By incorporating high-performance commercial washers and dryers in your hotel, you will reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint and increase your revenue and guest satisfaction.  With Commercial Laundries’ dependable Energy Star certified equipment and knowledgeable and skilled team, you can have the profitable and efficient laundry room you’ve been dreaming about.


The right commercial laundry equipment will help your hotel profit and increase productivity.  There have been many changes to washers and dryers over the years that are good for your pocket and the environment.  If you are looking to outfit a new onsite laundry facility in your hotel, start with the best.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we work with leading manufacturers such as Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and Miele.

Your hotel guests are looking for a place that feels like home, with all its comforts and conveniences.  By providing your guests with a clean and comfortable laundry room, they will be more inclined to stay longer and revisit your hotel in the future.  Additionally, all machines are 100% ADA compliant, making them accessible to any guest with disabilities.  Your guests will appreciate your attention to their needs and comforts.


Updating your machines will improve the productivity of your hotel laundry and save your guests time and energy that could be used on their vacation and in other amenities of your hotel.  Our machines reduce washing and drying time with shorter and more efficient cycles.  Washers’ fast-spinning cycles extract more water from laundry, requiring less drying time.  Your guests will be grateful for your efficient laundry equipment and the time it saves them, allowing them to enjoy their visit on other things.


Equipping your hotel with quality and efficient washers and dryers not only looks good but they do good.  Our commercial laundry equipment is Energy Star certified making them energy-efficient and cost-effective. Energy Star certified machines require less water, less energy and produce less waste, meaning you will spend less in the long run.

High Efficiency or HE washing machines use at least 50% less water than older models.  Because they use less water, they require less energy to heat water.  When it comes to commercial laundry equipment, water heating is a large percentage of energy consumption.  By cutting out a few gallons every load of laundry your savings will add up quickly.

Washers and dryers with Commercial Laundries Orlando

Updating or adding an onsite commercial laundry amenity to your hotel is simple and affordable.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have many plans and units that fit all sorts of budgets.  From buying new or used machines to leasing commercial laundry equipment, we have it all.  We also offer competitive service maintenance plans to help keep your machines functioning at their maximum capacity.

Your onsite commercial laundry room will receive a lot of traffic and you want to be sure you have commercial laundry equipment that can withstand heavy usage.  Reliable equipment and maintenance are key.  Whether you are building a new and attractive laundry room, or you wish to upgrade your existing facility, Commercial Laundries Orlando has many options for you.  Whatever your needs, our team is happy to help you choose the best machines for you and your guests’ needs.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all of your commercial laundry facility needs at (407) 986-1410.