Where to Find Laundry Installation in Orlando

Where to Find Laundry Installation in Orlando | CommercialLaundriesOrlando.com

Commercial Laundries Orlando is the premier provider of laundry installation services in Orlando.

In need of washer and dryer installation in Orlando?  Then look no further.  Get top-quality service with your laundry equipment installation at Commercial Laundries Orlando.

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When it comes to laundry equipment installation, not only do you want exceptional products but experienced professionals who care.  With Commercial Laundries, you will get all three and beyond. We are a family-owned business, established in 1972, and we pride ourselves on our superior customer service and long-standing relationships with our clients. With nearly fifty years of experience and our quality products, you only receive the best.

Premium Washers and Dryers

When choosing the right equipment for your laundry amenity you want to choose a product you can depend on.  At Commercial Laundries we work with the finest equipment out there.  Equipment that we are proud to stand behind.  Our superior inventory consists of reliable laundry products from distinguished brands known worldwide such as Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and Miele.

Whether you are looking for front-loading or top-loading, stackable or side-by-side models, coin or card-operated machines, we have it all.  Have a look at our guide to buying commercial laundry equipment and contact us today for assistance in choosing the right machines for your property and your washer and dryer installation.

Professionalism and Experience

Our team of more than 3o plus employees each has on average 15 years of experience.   We are not just a team, we are a family.  A family with a common goal:  providing our clients with quality products and services.  If your business thrives then so do we. You are our main priority and we want to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience when you choose Commercial Laundries.

Our dedicated team of professionals has an excellent eye for detail and considers all of your laundry machine requirements from start to finish; delivery, installation and follow up maintenance and service.  We want to make sure your machines are working properly.  Before this can happen, our team will make sure your washer and dryer installation meet all conditions.

Washer and Dryer Installation Requirements

Once you have chosen the right equipment for you and your patrons, our team will deliver and install your laundry machines.  This is where their attention to detail comes in.  Here is a brief rundown of what our team looks for:

  • Level flooring for proper machine balance
  • Electrical configuration for gas or electric units
  • Plumbing and drainage hook-up
  • Heat source location and attachments
  • Proper hose measurement and attachment for a secure fit
  • Suitable standpipe connection for washing machine’s drain hose

When your washer and dryer installation is complete, technicians will perform a test-run to ensure everything is running smoothly, free of leakage or malfunction.  Having our experienced techs install your laundry equipment will assure you that your machines are ready to run efficiently.

Superior Customer Service, Maintenance and Beyond

Our job and relationship don’t end with installation.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and our relationships with our clients.  We are here for you and your future laundry needs.

Having efficient commercial laundry equipment for your tenants is essential and maintaining those machines is essential for the long run.  With our affordable maintenance plans, service and repairs are simple and inexpensive.  Properly maintained equipment last longer and don’t require so many repairs.  Your machines will be getting a lot of use and we want to minimize the wear and tear they will experience, saving you from costly repairs and replacements.

Commercial Laundries has numerous service packages that help your washers and dryers run in tip-top shape.  Contact us today at (407) 986-1410, to get started on your washer and dryer installation.