Benefits of Replacing Laundry Equipment

Benefits of replacing laundry equpiment |

Replacing laundry equipment can help you cut costs, save money and provide upgraded machines for your clientele.

Switching out older worndown washer and dryer machines may be just what your communal laundry room needs.  Whether they are in need of some serious repairs or you are due for a complete upgrade to more modern machines, an update can help boost your profits and patronage.  

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You may be asking yourself why you should replace your “functioning” laundry equipment if it is still running and getting used.  But is it running at its maximum capacity?  Is it actually costing you more money to run than you are profiting?  Are your tenants satisfied?  Are your old, run-down machines chasing your patrons away?  Investing in commercial laundry equipment replacements may be more beneficial than you think.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando for a free estimate.  Here are some of the many advantages to replacing your laundry equipment. 

Functionality and Conservation 

Just because a machine is still running doesn’t mean it is functioning efficiently.  Older machines may be struggling to perform at their maximum capacity and may be costing you more money than you think and harming the environment. Outdated machines often require more water and energy and could be burning a hole in your pocket.  Upgrading to newer, HE models is what many hotels, colleges, and housing complexes are doing.  HE or High-Efficiency laundry machines are more environmentally friendly, using less water and conserving energy, resulting in lower utility costs for you. 

HE washers use less water, energy, and detergent but do so much more for you and the environment. 

  • They use at least 50% less water than traditional, older models 
  • Because they use less water, they require less energy to heat water and run equipment 
  • Washers have fast spin cycles that extract more water, requiring less drying time 

All of our machines at Commercial Laundries Miami are Energy Star certified and we offer a wide range of top and front-loading models.  Have a look at our HE machines from world-renowned manufactures Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and Miele. 

Tenant Satisfaction and Retention 

Let’s face it, appearance means a lot.  It may seem superficial, but your tenants want updated, modern machines that they can depend on.  Many people believe that if something is new or modern it will get the job done better, and in this case, they aren’t that far off.  Modern washer and dryer machines are proven to be more efficientgentler on clothing and better for the environment.   

Energy Star certified models are designed with efficiency in mind and don’t have a traditional plastic agitator which is tough on garments and can cause tear and damage.  Modern machines use different spinning and tumbling cycles to efficiently clean laundry more gently and extract more water which reduces drying time. 

Not only will your tenants take notice of these better results, but they will also appreciate the greener choice and its environmental impact.  Upgrading your washer and dryer machines will increase tenant satisfaction and also attract prospective renters when they tour your property for their new home. 

While upgrading, think of choosing machines with larger washtubs.  Larger machines mean fewer loads of laundry.  This doesn’t mean you have to lose out.  Tenants will appreciate the amount of time they save doing “less” laundry.  You can charge more for larger capacity machines and your tenants won’t think twice.  This is one of many ways you can profit from commercial laundry equipment replacement. 

More Revenue 

When replacing your washer and dryer machines, consider upgrading to card-operated machines.  Not only are they modern and a step towards a coin free future, but they also allow you to have more control over your prices and upcharge capabilities. 

With card-operated machines, you aren’t constricted to charging in twenty-five cent increments.  You have the capability to increase prices on the penny which gives you more flexibility with your pricing.  You can also charge different prices for each cycle.  Offering the choice to upgrade to higher level washes for a slight increase in price will add up over time, offsetting the cost of your new equipment. 

Less Maintenance and Reduced Utility Costs 

Commercial laundry equipment replacement might seem costly but upgrading could save you more in the long run.  Older machines often break down or need expensive parts and repairs.  With routine maintenance checks and upkeep, newer machines require less repair and have a longer lifespan.  And, as previously mentioned, modern HE models are water and energy-efficient saving you on the utility bill. 

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