Benefits of Leasing Stackable Laundry Machines

Benefits of leasing stackable laundry machines |

New laundry equipment does not have to be as costly as you may think.  By leasing stackable laundry machines you can save money and space.

Updating your laundry machines comes with many underlying questions.  Yes, it’s an excellent idea but how will you afford it?  What type of machines are out there?  What is the right choice for your apartment building or your multi-housing complex? Having to purchase your laundry equipment outright was an expense many couldn’t afford or still can’t.  Luckily, those days are long gone.  With leasing options at Commercial Laundries Orlando, you can start outfitting your laundry complex today.  To help you decide on whether or not leasing stackable laundry machines is right for you, let’s look at some of the benefits of stackable washer and dryer rentals.

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Leasing laundry equipment may be the answer to all of your concerns.  Even with a tight budget, you can reap the benefits of a modern and lucrative commercial laundry facility when you lease with Commercial Laundries Orlando.  We have many makes and models for all of your laundry needs at many different prices and sizes.

Customizable Leasing Plan

No one person’s needs are the same, so why should their leasing programs be? At Commercial Laundries we have customized leasing plans for all of our client’s unique needs and budgets.  We have an array of different models and brands available with our tax-deductible leasing programs.

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No Surprise Expenses

As we mentioned, having laundry machines might seem costly, especially when you run into issues with your laundry equipment. When you decide to go with washer and dryer rentals you will have no unexpected costs.  And because we want your new venture to go off without a hitch, all service, maintenance, and repairs are complementary.  Leaving you with no surprise costs when a machine is in need of some TLC.

Premium Washers and Dryers

With so many washers and dryers out there, you must choose the right model for you and your residents.  Modern washers have everything, from design to functionality.  They come in all different sizes, with a multitude of wash cycles, temperature and speed settings.  You have front loading and top loading, stackable and side-by-side models.  Here are Commercial Laundries you have access to all of our premium commercial models from leading brands like Maytag, Miele, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.  Let’s narrow it down and focus on why stackable washer and dryer rentals may be the best option for you.

Benefits of Stackable Washer and Dryer

Stackable washers and dryers have grown in popularity over the years for their mighty functions and space-saving designs.  Both washer and dryer have the same hookups as your standard washer and dryer and are available in both gas and electric.  No additional plumbing or electrical connection is needed when you install our stackable washers and dryers.

Space-Saving Design

The innovative stackable concept takes up only half the floor space as a conventional washer and dryer. Stackable washer and dryer rentals allow you to maximize on your floor to ceiling space which is often forgotten about.  Additionally, our soft mount models can be installed on any floor type, releasing you from the constraints of concrete or steel slabs.


All our stackable washer and dryer rental equipment is Energy Star certified to ensure our commitment to sustainability and savings on gas, electric and water.  All machines are built with metal components and are protected from damage and chipping using stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs.   Our dryers have high functioning exhausts for quicker drying time and efficiency.  Equipped with chip-resistant cabinets, our washers and dryers will surely stand the testament of time.

The only question left to answer is when do you want to get started?  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at 407-986-1410, to get a free quote and get started on your stackable washer and dryer rental today.