Find the Best Card Operated Washing Machine Suppliers in Orlando

Find top card-operated washing machine suppliers in Orlando with our help.

When looking for the best card operated washing machine suppliers in Orlando, look for Commercial Laundries. We have been serving Florida’s commercial laundry sector for many years and have a great deal of experience and expertise, which we can pass onto you.

If you are looking for a reputable company to partner with, consider us. We are the leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida for the educational and commercial sectors. We serve thousands of laundry facilities across the state and would love to add you to our list of satisfied clients. When looking for laundry vendors, choose the best.

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Card Operated Washers

If you want to upgrade your laundry facility, you can start by replacing some of your coin-op washers with our card-operated ones. Our new card technology will give your laundry facility an instant upgrade, and provide you with many great benefits too.

Most of today’s consumers prefer to use credit card payment systems because they are easy and convenient, plus your patrons won’t have the tedious job of collecting coins to perform their laundry tasks. You also benefit from card-op technology, because you don’t have to empty coin vaults on each machine to collect your money.

Your patrons will find that our card-op machines are easy to use, with just one simple swipe of the card through the card reader located on the machine, and the machine is ready for use. Each patron has their own personal laundry card to use in your laundry facility. If they need to add credit to their card, they can use cash or a credit/debit card at the CleanPay Kiosk located in your facility.

Each laundry transaction will debit the card for the fee of the laundry service, and the money will automatically be sent to your business account. You can easily access your account whenever you please, to view business transactions and perform accounting tasks. You can have peace of mind knowing that your money will safely be deposited into your business account.

Excellent Laundry Products and Services

Here are Commercial Laundries, our primary goal is to assist our clients by providing quality laundry products and valuable services. As a leader of card-operated washing machine suppliers in Orlando, we also realize that our clients need a variety of services to properly operate their laundry business.

Some of the valuable services that we offer include:

  • Coin/card-operated laundry equipment delivery/installation
  • Removal of worn machines
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Affordable service contracts
  • Utility Assessment Reports.

Our professional team of mechanics and technicians are highly proficient in handling all of your laundry machine requirements. They will keep your machines operating at their peak level of performance, and your patrons can enjoy efficient, high-speed machine operation that delivers an excellent laundry outcome.

Our service reps can assist you in explaining the unique features of different machine models so that you can select the machines that are ideal for your type of business. Plus, our team can also share money-saving tips that can help to preserve your machines, and operate your facility more effectively.

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