Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

commercial laundry equipment

Solve your tight budget with our used laundry equipment.

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to replace worn laundry equipment in your facility?

At Commercial Laundries in Orlando, you can find top quality used commercial laundry machines that won’t put a strain on your budget. Our used laundry equipment is available at affordable prices and is the perfect solution to a restrictive budget.

Used Commercial Laundry Machines

We have great deals on new and used commercial laundry equipment that is appropriate for any laundry business.

You don’t have to waste precious time looking for affordable, top-quality laundry equipment because we have a large selection of famous name brands and models to meet your needs.

All of our commercial laundry equipment is tested to ensure that it meets high industry standards and can withstand continuous daily use.

Our used laundry equipment is suitably priced so that you can stay within your budget and still get the machines you need for your business.

All of our used commercial laundry machines are rebuilt using quality parts so that they perform like new machines, and can provide you with top performance for many years to come.

If you are looking for affordable, premium used laundry equipment, Commercial Laundries is the place where you will find it.

If you have malfunctioning machines that are in disrepair, you owe it to your clientele and business to replace those machines.

To assure that your patrons are well taken care of and have no reason to go to another laundry facility, you should replace old machines with our budget-friendly used commercial laundry machines.

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Here are Commercial Laundries, we make it our business to offer affordable options to our clients so that they can get the machines they need to run a successful laundry business.

If you are strapped in a restrictive budget, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer lease options on our commercial laundry equipment that requires little upfront costs, and you will soon discover that the machines literally pay for themselves.

All of our leases are tax-deductible and we can customize a lease for you that meets your business needs and budget.

When you lease commercial laundry equipment with us, you receive complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. Our professional mechanics and technicians will maintain and repair your machines and have them operating at their optimal level of performance.

New and Used Laundry Equipment

Our used commercial laundry machines provide many wonderful features and benefits that you and your patrons can enjoy:

  • With Energy Star certified machines, you are assured of significant savings in water, gas and electric costs. You can save about 30,000 gallons of water per year, and lower gas and electric bills.
  • We have used laundry equipment available in both front and top-loading models, that are available in coin and card-operated formats.
  • If you want to maximize space in a small laundry room, we also carry stackable commercial laundry equipment.
  • Our laundry products are durably built with solid construction, steel drums, metal components, and chip-resistant cabinets.
  • All of our washers have high spin speeds, and advanced extraction and suspension systems.
  • Our machines require a shorter cycle time using less energy, yet they deliver an excellent laundry outcome that your patrons will love.
  • To better serve the handicapped community, we also carry ADA compliant laundry machines.

Don’t keep your business needs on hold because of a tight budget. We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. To learn more about our used commercial laundry machines, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at 407-986-1410.