Where to Purchase Front Load Washing Machines in Orlando

front load washing machines

Get the best front load washer for your laundry business with our help!

You can give your on-site laundry facility a breath of fresh air by installing some of our best front load washing machines. Your laundry facility may be due for an upgrade by replacing some outdated laundry equipment that is not performing well.

Your patrons expect and deserve top laundry service when they use your facility, or they may choose to go elsewhere for their laundry needs. You can prevent that from happening by giving them the flawless service that our best front load washing machine provides.

Front Load Washing Machines on Sale

For a limited time, we are offering our premium front load washing machines on sale. You can take advantage of our sale and equip your laundry facility with advanced laundry equipment that boasts innovative design and construction.

Our best front load washer and dryer units provide an array of features and options that patrons look for and appreciate. You can show your patrons how much you appreciate them by installing the best front load washing machine and dryer units that deliver excellent laundry services.

We carry a variety of best front load washing machines built by famous manufacturers like Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, Miele, etc. Our laundry machines are built for longevity and high performance and are designed to operate using less energy. Some of the fine features and benefits of our laundry equipment including:

  1. Our front load washing machines on sale feature robust agitation and extraction systems that deliver a cleaner and drier laundry outcome that requires less time in the dryer.
  2. All of our laundry equipment has “easy to use” digital display dashboards that offer multiple cycle options, dispenser trays, and water temperature selections.
  3. Our best front load washer is equipped with smooth stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs that help to prevent pulls or damage to laundry items.
  4. You can never go wrong when choosing our dynamic dryers equipped with steel drums and powerful blower systems that dry laundry quickly, using less energy.
  5. Your laundry facility should have a few of our ADA compliant laundry products that are expressly designed to better serve the handicapped community.
  6. We also carry space-saving stackable laundry equipment that requires less space than standard size machines, yet performs just as well.
  7. Our best front load washing machine is durably built with a solid construction, metal components, and attractive chip-resistant cabinets.
  8. We have the best front load washer and dryer equipment that is Energy Star certified to provide you with substantial savings in water, gas and electric costs. You can see a reduction in wastewater usage by up to 50 percent, and a reduction in hot water usage by up to 30 percent with our laundry equipment.
  9. All of our laundry machines are built for high performance and sustainability. Plus, our front load washing machines on sale are thoroughly tested to meet high industry standards before being given the stamp of approval by their respective manufacturer.

Give your patrons the kind of laundry service they deserve with the best front load washer, and your laundry business will be successful. As a leading laundry vendor in Florida, we have a great inventory of fine laundry products and also provide valuable services to help you succeed in business.

We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. For more information about our best front load washing machine, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at 407-986-1410.