Find Smart Card Laundry Machines for Commercial Facilities

smart card laundry machines

Improve your commercial laundry services with laundry card systems.

As a commercial laundry business owner, you know that your business is as successful as the services you provide to your patrons. If you are not providing quality services to your clientele, you will begin to lose their business as they go elsewhere for the type of services they expect. To stay on top of your game and provide excellent laundry services, you should install some smart card laundry machines in your facility.

Smart Laundry Machine Technology

Today’s laundry card systems are a game-changer that offers your patrons a new way of doing business that is simple and convenient. In our technological society, we have become dependent on electronic devices to provide the many services that we require on a daily basis.

Doing laundry is no exception, and our smart card laundry machines make the process easier to access while providing the excellent laundry services that your clients expect.

If you have worn laundry equipment in your laundry facility that is not performing properly, you should really consider replacing them with our advanced smart laundry machines. The advantages they can offer to you and your patrons may amaze you.

Plus, you can replace the need for your patrons to collect coins to do their laundry with a personal laundry card instead. And you can save time and energy by relieving yourself from having to make visits to your facility to collect coins from each machine.

Laundry card systems work by using a personal laundry card that is issued to each of your patrons for their personal use. When your patron wishes to add more credit to her card, all she has to do is use cash or a credit/debit card at the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility.

With smart laundry machine technology, all laundry machine transaction data is stored in the microprocessor chip that is embedded in your patron’s laundry card, and each transaction will add a debit to their card.

All laundry transaction data and fees will be delivered electronically to your account so that you know exactly how many laundry transactions were performed and how much money was credited to your account.

This process gives you all the accounting information that you need in advance, making bookkeeping tasks simple. Our advanced laundry card systems also enable you to make price changes in smaller increments than with coin laundry machines, and you can also set-up price schedules for peak and off-peak days and hours.

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Smart Card Laundry Machines

Our premium smart card laundry machines are top performers, providing excellent laundry services to your patrons. Whether you are replacing a few laundry machines or installing a complete suite of matching smart laundry machines, your laundry business can thrive because your patrons are receiving the type of services they want.

Some of the fine features of our smart card laundry machines include:

1. Our laundry card systems are designed and built by world-famous manufacturers who are known for their innovative engineering and superior laundry products.
2. You shall discover that our machines are durably built to last, and must pass rigorous testing to meet high industry standards before they can receive a stamp of approval by their respective manufacturer.
3. We have a great selection of front and top loading, smart laundry machine models to choose from.
4. All of our smart card laundry machines are Energy Star certified to provide energy efficiency that delivers substantial savings in water, gas and electric costs. You can see a considerable wastewater reduction of up to 50 percent, and up to a 30 percent reduction in hot water usage.

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