Where to Buy Commercial Washing Machines in Orlando 

commercial washing machinesGet great value with our premium commercial washing machines.

Don’t hesitate to call Commercial Laundries when you are shopping for new or used commercial laundry equipment. We have a great selection of premium commercial washers and dryers that will prove to be an asset to your laundry business for many years to come. Our machines are designed to be cost-effective in reducing waste and utility usage, giving your revenue stream a desirable boost. You can realize many great benefits when you opt to buy, or lease, our commercial laundry equipment.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Facilities

If you own a multi-housing property, you should consider adding an on-site commercial laundry facility. An on-site laundry facility can increase your profits, and is an attractive amenity that potential tenants look for. Beside attracting new tenants, your facility can also assist in retaining your current tenants, plus, it will increase the value of your property.

Commercial Laundries can assist you in setting-up your facility, and also selecting the right type of laundry equipment that is ideal for your business. Our representatives can explain the difference in machine models, so that you can make educated choices in the machines you select. If you need to maximize space in your new laundry facility, we carry space saving stackable laundry equipment. You may also want to add some ADA compliant machines that are specifically designed to serve the handicapped community. As a lucrative income stream, you will realize that you have made a wise business decision in creating your on-site laundry facility.

Premium Commercial Washers and Dryers

We carry a great selection of commercial washing machines and dryers, built by world famous manufacturers like Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. Our manufacturers are known for their advanced state of the art engineering, and innovations, that have fine-tuned commercial laundry products up to the present time. Some of the many valuable features and benefits that our commercial washers and dryers provide, includes:

  • Multi-level vend pricing
  • Superior spin speed and extraction features that deliver a cleaner, drier laundry outcome.
  • Commercial washing machines have advanced balancing features that re-distribute laundry during the wash cycle, virtually eliminating vibrations and loud noises.
  • Our commercial washing machines are equipped with smooth stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs that help eliminate laundry snags and damage.
  • All of our machines are Energy Star certified to deliver cost-effective savings in water, gas and electric costs. Our machines can reduce wastewater by up to 50 percent, and reduce hot water usage up to 30 percent, aiding in the conservation of natural resources.
  • All machines are built with chip-resistant cabinets, solid construction, and metal components for durability and longevity.
  • Our commercial washers and dryers are equipped with digital display dashboards, and offer multiple cycle options, dispenser trays and water temperature selections.
  • We carry commercial laundry equipment in both coin and credit card operated formats.

Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment and Services

Besides carrying premium commercial laundry products, we also provide many great services to assist you in your laundry business requirements. Our services include: delivery and installation of commercial washers and dryers, removal of old laundry equipment, maintenance and repair services and contracts, and Utility Assessment Reports.

We also retain a large warehouse stocked with commercial laundry equipment and machine parts, so that we have the resources available when you need them. We employ our own team of educated and experienced personnel who are able to service your commercial washing machines and dryers.

Get a great commercial laundry vendor who is committed to assisting you in all your laundry equipment needs, by contacting Commercial Laundries Orlando today at: 407-986-1410.