Where to Buy Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando

commercial laundry equipmentEquip your facility with premium commercial laundry equipment in Orlando.

You may want to take a new approach when shopping for commercial laundry equipment, by looking for a reputable laundry vendor to do business with. Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have your best interests in mind. If you manage a hospital, multi-housing property, hotel, student housing, etc. and are looking for premium commercial laundry equipment for sale in the Orlando area, we can equip you with some of the best commercial laundry products in today’s market.

Get Premium Commercial Laundry Equipment for Sale

Our sales representatives can assist you with good information about the different machine models that we carry, so you can select the right machines for your type of business.  We have a large inventory of commercial laundry equipment built by world renowned manufacturers, who have built a great reputation for themselves based on their fine quality products.

You will find that our commercial laundry equipment for sale is state of the art, endowed with precision engineering that delivers efficiency, longevity and optimal performance.

We sell front and top loading machine models in coin and card operated formats, at competitive prices. You may be interested in our space saving stackable laundry machines, and we also have ADA compliant machines that are specifically designed to serve the handicapped community.

All of our commercial laundry equipment for sale is Energy Star certified to deliver cost-effective savings on water, gas and electric costs. Our laundry equipment can help you reduce waste water by up to 50 percent, and hot water usage by up to 30 percent.

Affordable Commercial Laundry Products in Orlando

When you partner with us you are getting a great team of professionals who can attend to all your laundry equipment requirements and services. We are a family owned business, since 1967, serving thousands of commercial laundry facilities in Florida, and lead in equipping Florida’s commercial and educational sectors. We employ our own highly trained team of mechanics and technicians who are adept in maintaining and repairing your machines.

When commercial laundry equipment is properly maintained, it performs better and reduces wear and tear on machine parts, keeping breakdowns at bay and sustaining the life of your machines. We offer a variety of budget-friendly, maintenance and repair plans, so that you can properly care for your machines. In return, your machines will provide many years of efficient service, longevity, and optimal performance that your patrons will greatly appreciate.

We also maintain a large warehouse that is stocked with commercial laundry equipment and parts, so that we have the resources available when you need them. All repairs services are addressed in a timely manner so that your laundry facility is fully engaged at all times.

Commercial Laundries Orlando Leasing

For those of you who want to replace malfunctioning machines, or upgrade your facility with new machines, we have affordable leasing options. Leasing affords you the opportunity to have the type of facility you want without all the expense. All of our leases are tax deductible, and the best part is that the machines literally pay for themselves.

You also receive complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased laundry equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. As our leasing partner, one of our technicians will maintain your machines on a regular basis, and if repair services are needed, our technician will address the problem in a timely manner. Your machines will be kept operating at their peak performance level, sustaining systemic operations and reducing wear and tear on machine parts.

To learn more about our commercial laundry equipment for sale, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at: 407-986-1410.