Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Buying Guide

coin operated washer and dryerKeep your budget intact with durably built coin operated washer and dryer equipment.

Don’t be daunted by comparison shopping for coin operated washer and dryer equipment. Commercial Laundries makes shopping for laundry equipment easy, and our sales reps can show you what machines will perform best for your type of business. We have a large inventory of new and used commercial washers and dryers, and our expertise in commercial laundry machines will help you make an educated selection for your business.

For a basic understanding of commercial laundry equipment, check out our coin operated washer and dryer buying guide:

1. Get the Best Coin Operated Washer and Dryer

As a commercial laundry business owner, you know the importance of having durable and efficient laundry machines. When purchasing commercial laundry products, you want to be assured of their longevity, strength and performance. The lifespan of commercial machines is based upon how many cycles they can perform before breaking down. Good quality machines can perform about 5,000 cycles, and high-end laundry equipment can perform about 8,000 cycles.

We carry some of the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment, that has been rigorously tested to meet the highest demands of industry standards. Our machines are durably built with solid construction to deliver high performance and longevity, ensuring that you will receive many years of excellent service. Our reps can tell you the expected lifespan of each of our laundry machine models, so that you can make a wise decision.

2. Top Performing Coin Operated Washer and Dryer

Why is performance such an important factor when purchasing commercial laundry equipment? When machines perform well, they reduce the wear and tear on mechanical parts, helping the machine to last longer. They also help to reduce waste and excess energy usage that can occur when systemic operations run amok. And last, but not least, high performing machines create an excellent laundry outcome that your patrons will love.

To keep your machines in top working condition, they should be properly maintained by laundry machine experts. That’s where we come into the picture. We employ an educated and experienced team of technicians and mechanics who can maintain your machines, to achieve optimal high performance and a longer lifespan. We offer affordable maintenance and repair packages that meet machine requirements and your budget.

3. Affordable New and Used Commercial Washers

We sell world famous laundry equipment from manufacturers like Whirlpool, Speed Queen, Maytag, and more, at competitive prices. If your budget prohibits a large expenditure for new laundry machines, we also offer affordable options. We have used commercial washers, that are rebuilt with premium machine parts and metal components, that are durable and work like new machines.

4. Best Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Leasing

If our used commercial washers are not the answer to your budget problems, we also offer our popular leasing programs. Leasing allows you to get the machines that you need for your business, and keep your budget intact. Our leases are tax deductible, and come with complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. We can customize a lease that will work with your budget and business needs.

Commercial Laundries is a leading laundry vendor in Florida serving thousands of laundry facilities across the state. We serve many types of businesses including: multi-housing properties, catering halls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and more, and we would consider it a privilege to serve you too.

To learn more about us and our coin operated washer and dryer equipment, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at: 407-986-1410.