Commercial Laundry Parts and Service in Orlando

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Team up with the experts in commercial laundry parts and services.

If your commercial laundry machines are failing and you need dependable commercial laundry service, look no further than Commercial Laundries Orlando. Finding dependable and knowledgeable technicians to service your machines can be a hassle, but not when you team up with one of the leading commercial laundry vendors in Florida. 

Commercial Laundries is the leader of commercial laundry services in Florida. Learn More!

Get Top-tier Commercial Laundry Services

We are a leader in the commercial laundry industry in Florida and are the largest supplier in the state serving the commercial and educational laundry markets. If you manage a multi-housing property, hotel, school or dormitory, hospital, restaurant etc. we are available to serve you with the integrity, respect and professionalism that you deserve.

Our commercial laundry service department staff understands the needs of your facility and the importance of having properly working laundry equipment. We handle all types of machine repair problems and use only the finest commercial laundry parts to replace broken ones. When you request commercial laundry repair service, we do our best to expedite the process so that your facility is fully engaged.

Service Plans for Any Operation

We offer affordable, all-inclusive commercial laundry service plans for regular maintenance visits and repair services. Our customizable service plans include commercial laundry parts and labor on all of your machines. Our service department staff can create a service plan that is designed to meet the needs of your commercial laundry business.

When you properly maintain your machines, they will perform better and reduce stressors that can wear down commercial laundry parts, thereby preserving the life of your machines. Properly maintained machines also support the efficient, cost-effective use of utilities and reduce waste.

Having well-maintained commercial laundry equipment is key to operating a successful laundry business. Your workers will be able to perform their tasks easily and patrons will be pleased by the excellent performance and laundry outcome that they receive. If at any time you require commercial laundry repair services, one of our technicians will address the issue promptly. We retain a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment and commercial laundry parts, so that we have the necessary resources available when you need them.

A Talented Commercial Laundry Team at Your Fingertips

We employ our own great team of educated and experienced mechanics and technicians who can provide your machines with great commercial laundry parts and repair services. Our team is required to advance their education in the knowledge of all areas of commercial laundry repair, and stay abreast of any new innovations in our industry.

When you partner with us, you are gaining an incredible commercial laundry service team. Other services that we provide include: delivery and installation of laundry machines, removal of old laundry equipment, maintenance and repair services, and Utility Assessment Reports.

It has always been our goal to provide excellent service to our clients and that is one of the reasons why we offer complimentary Utility Assessment Reports. One of our technicians can inspect your laundry facility to determine if there are any snags in your operation that are causing potential problems or producing excessive utilities usage. Problems can cause machine parts to break-down and also waste precious water and other resources. Your Report will state any problems that are identified, and the solutions to address them. We leave it entirely up to your discretion to provide solutions to the problems; there is no pressure.

Now you can get a winning team that can provide you with excellent commercial laundry services by contacting Commercial Laundries Orlando today at: 407-986-1410.