Commercial Washing Machine Lifespan

washing machine lifespan

Discover how you can enhance commercial washing machine lifespan extension with the help of Commercial Laundries.

How long do washers and dryers last? Anyone who is in the commercial laundry business should know what to expect regarding dryer and washing machine lifespan expectations. This type of valuable information will help you when you are purchasing new machines for your facility, and also calculating when you may have to purchase new machines again. 

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Commercial laundry products are built to endure a larger work load and last longer than machines built for private residential use. Commercial machines are used consistently throughout the day, every day of the week, and are designed to provide the kind of endurance and performance necessary for the commercial industry. Dryer and washing machine lifespan can be calculated by enduring harsh testing to determine if they meet the high expectations of the manufacturer and the industry. They must also be able to stand up against any type of abuse or mishandling that can be inflicted by public use.

Commercial Laundry Equipment – Built for Endurance

How long do washers and dryers last depends on well they are designed and built by their respective manufacturer to meet a specific amount of wash or dry cycles. Dryer and washing machine lifespan statistics are determined by how many cycles they can perform before they start to breakdown and malfunction. Well-built commercial laundry machines are expected to complete approximately 5,000 cycle loads of laundry, providing good and faithful service for about 14 to 15 years. In comparison, laundry machines built for private home use typically last about 8 to 12 years.

High-end commercial laundry products can reach a peak of about 8,000 cycles of good dependable service, outlasting all others. This type of dryer and washing machine lifespan expectation is well worth the investment in purchasing premium laundry machines.

Commercial Laundries has a large inventory of premium laundry equipment that can stand the test of time and provide a high level of performance. Our machines are built by reputable manufacturers like Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. who are known for their advanced innovations in machine engineering and sustainability. All of our machines are built with solid construction, chip-resistant outer cabinets, and interior metal components instead of plastic.

Our great selection of machine inventory includes: large capacity coin or card operated formats, front and top loading machines, space saving stackable equipment and ADA compliant machines specifically built to serve the handicapped community. Our staff can explain the features and differences among various machine models, and also tell you the dryer and washing machine lifespan of any machine.

Get Professional Commercial Laundry Service

You may not realize it, but your machine lifespan is also dependent on how well your machines are cared for. Your machines can suffer abuse from public use, so it is important that you post notices about using the proper laundry load size. When machines are over-loaded, they can cause added stress that can result in machine parts breaking and other repair problems.

It is imperative that you inform your patrons of the proper laundry load size appropriate to your machines. Instead of overloading a machine, your patrons should break up laundry into two loads. How long do washers and dryers last is not dependent on the cycle selection (e.g. delicate or heavy-duty) but on the load size and number of cycles sustained.

To keep your machines in top working condition and enhance longevity, you should consider getting regular maintenance check-ups. We employ our own team of educated and experienced mechanics and technicians who can service your machines and keep them operating at their optimum level of performance. By properly maintaining your laundry machines, you can increase their lifespan.

We also repair and replace washing machine and dryer equipment in a timely manner by retaining a large warehouse stocked with commercial laundry equipment and parts so that we have the resources available when you need them. Services we provide include: delivery and installation of laundry equipment, maintenance and repair services, Utility Assessment Reports and affordable maintenance and repair plans.

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