Reasons to Rent Commercial Laundry Instead of Buy

Rent Commercial Laundry Instead of Buy

Discover how easy it is to rent commercial laundry machines instead of buying in Orlando.

Are your commercial laundry machines beginning to malfunction? Do you notice that you need repair services on your machines more often? If so, then perhaps it is time for you to get new machines even if you budget prohibits a large expense. At Commercial Laundries you can rent commercial laundry instead of buy, and get the premium machines that your business needs to succeed. 

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Don’t let a tight budget prevent you from forging ahead in your business, when affordable options are available to you. We are a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida and we are experts in our industry. We understand the importance of having dependable, high performance machines that your patrons will be happy and satisfied to use. If you are wondering if you should rent commercial laundry machines in Orlando from us, here are some good reasons for you to consider:

  1. Tax Deductible Leases: All of our lease contracts are tax deductible and can be customized to meet your business needs and budget. We will work with you to find the best solution for supplying you with the laundry machines your business needs, and best of all is that you will discover that the machines literally pay for themselves – keeping your budget intact.
  2. Free Maintenance: When you rent commercial laundry instead of buy, you will receive complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. One of our educated and experienced technicians will make regular visits to your laundry facility to assure that your machines are operating efficiently and cost-effectively.
  3. A Variety of Resources at Your Fingertips: If ever one of your machines needs repair services, our technician will expedite the process, so that your laundry facility is fully engaged. We retain a 15,000 square foot warehouse stocked with commercial laundry machines and parts so that we have the resources available when you need them. Our warehouse inventory allows us to address all of our clients’ needs in a timely manner so that their business doesn’t suffer.
  4. Reliable Personnel: You will never have to go looking for dependable and capable technicians to service your machines. Our policy has always been to employ our own team of educated and experienced mechanics and technicians, who will service your laundry machines. As our client, you will meet one of our technicians who will be assigned to service your facility. This gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with him and he can become familiar with your laundry facility needs. And the best part is, when you rent commercial laundry machines in Orlando from us, all maintenance and repair services are free of charge. There will not be any more unexpected repair bills lingering over your head.
  5. Help Every Step of the Way: If you need assistance in selecting the appropriate machines for your type of business, our reps are available to explain the difference in machine models and what type of machines will work best with your business. We also provide many valuable services that include: delivery and installation of laundry equipment, removal of old machines, maintenance and repair services, and Utility Assessment Reports.
  6. Longterm Commitments: Our commitment has always been to serve you with the honesty, excellence and professionalism that you deserve, whether you rent or buy commercial laundry equipment from us.

We carry premium laundry equipment from famous manufacturers like Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Maytag. that your patrons will love to use. To learn more about how to rent commercial laundry instead of buy, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at: 407-986-1410.