Benefits of Purchasing Commercial Laundry Machines

commercial laundry machines

You can increase your profit when you buy commercial laundry equipment at Commercial Laundries.

Do you want to buy commercial laundry machines in Orlando Florida instead of leasing them? Owning your machines outright leaves you in charge and eliminates the monthly rental fee of leasing laundry equipment. You may feel that you will save money by purchasing commercial laundry machines for sale in Orlando and you like the idea of being able to select the machines you really want. 

You should buy commercial laundry equipment from a reputable commercial laundry vendor who knows the industry well and can explain the different functions of various machine models. From new and used options that range from front loaders, top loading and stackables, purchasing commercial laundry is the perfect way to build up your business and generate profit.

Servicing Your Purchased Commercial Laundry Machines

Once you have added commercial laundry machines to your property, you will still want to have a reputable commercial laundry vendor available for repair services and other laundry equipment needs. Commercial Laundries is a leading laundry vendor in Florida that currently serves thousands of laundry facilities across the state. We have quality commercial laundry machines for sale in Orlando built to withstand the constant traffic of a commercial laundry facility.

Our machines are built by famous American companies like Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen who are known for their high-tech innovations. We are committed to assisting our clients in all their laundry business endeavors by offering excellent products, plus services that include: delivery, installation, removal of old machines, maintenance and repair services, and Utility Assessment Reports. We also carry Energy Star certified commercial laundry machines for sale in Orlando that will bring you savings in water, gas and electric costs.

Which Commercial Laundry Machine is Right For You?

When you buy commercial laundry equipment from us, you will select from front or top loading machines, and also space saving stackable laundry equipment. Stackables are great for areas with limited space, and front loaders are ideal for people with mobility issues.

Most of our laundry machines are equipped with:

  • Digital display dashboards
  • Multiple dispenser trays,
  • Numerous cycle options
  • Various water temperature selections

To meet approval, our machines go through rigorous testing and can withstand extreme temperature and moisture changes, power surges, and can virtually eliminate vibrations. Our manufacturers build their machines with durable metal components, as opposed to plastics used by other companies, and they also add optimal agitation and extraction features in their washers.

You will appreciate the quality of our machines and the cost-effective savings in utility usage and expense. If you would prefer to lease laundry equipment, we have tax deductible lease options that can work within your budget and laundry facility requirements.

Our lease options include free maintenance visits and repair services on all your leased laundry equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. When you lease laundry equipment from us you will never have to pay for maintenance and repair services or look for capable technicians and mechanics to service your machines. We have a large selection of commercial laundry equipment and parts in our 15,000 square foot warehouse, available to our clients whenever they need them.

Whether you lease or buy commercial laundry machines in Orlando Florida, we have the products and services you need. To learn more about our great company and what we have to offer, contact Commercial Laundries at: 407-986-1410.