On-Site Laundry Room Equipment Lease 

laundry room equipment leaseCreate the ideal facility with a laundry room equipment lease from Commercial Laundries.

Upgrading your on-site commercial laundry facility is a possibility even when your budget prohibits it. Here at Commercial Laundries we have an affordable laundry room equipment lease programs designed to meet your business goals and budget. You can have the laundry equipment you need to improve your business without spending lots of money, because with commercial washer and dryer leasing the machines literally pay for themselves.

If you are creating a new on-site laundry facility we can help you plan the set-up and equip you with some of the best laundry equipment on the market. Our knowledgeable sales reps can explain the difference between machine models so that you can select the machines that are perfect for your type of business. Our tax-deductible coin laundry room leasing program is the ideal solution for a limited supply of capital.

Build the Commercial Laundry Room of Your Dreams

You can create the commercial laundry room you want, with matching machines and specific machine models, thanks to our coin laundry room leasing program. Your facility will look streamlined and modern with the right type of equipment and you can select both card and coin operated machines in front and top loading models.

In addition, you may also want to include ADA compliant machines that are specifically designed for easy access to the handicapped community. To maximize your potential in small areas, we also carry space saving stackable laundry equipment that your patrons can use for smaller loads and delicate items. Utilizing your resources wisely by selecting a variety of machines for your facility will please your patrons and improve your revenue steam.

Our commercial washer and dryer leasing plan comes with complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. We employ our own team of mechanics and technicians who will visit your facility to make sure that all leased equipment is operating efficiently and cost-effectively.

And, if there is ever a problem with one of your machines, we will expedite repair services to swiftly correct the issue so that your facility is fully engaged and operating.

Coin Laundry Room Leasing with Commercial Laundries

We are a leading, family-owned commercial laundry vendor in Florida since 1967 and currently serve thousands of businesses across the state. Some types of business that we serve include:

  • Hospitals,
  • Multi-housing properties,
  • Schools,
  • Hotels,
  • Restaurants and more.

We serve small and large laundry facilities and would love to assist you in your commercial laundry business too. We provide top quality laundry products and important services like delivery, installation, removal of old machines, maintenance visits, repair services and Utility Assessment Reports.

Our team of experts are educated and experienced in all laundry equipment requirements and are capable of addressing any laundry machine issues. We retain a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment and parts so that we have the resources necessary to meet all your laundry facility needs. You will have peace of mind knowing the Commercial Laundry team is committed to serving you with the integrity, respect and professionalism that you deserve.

Lease Premium Commercial Laundry Products

We carry famous brands like Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen who are known for their exceptional merchandise. All of our laundry room equipment lease items are Energy Star certified to assure that you receive significant savings in water gas and electric costs and waste is virtually eliminated. Technological advancements make our machines operate more productively using less utilities and still produce an excellent laundry outcome that your patrons will appreciate.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about our laundry room equipment lease program by contacting Commercial Laundries today at: 407-986-1410.