Commercial Laundry Stores Around Orlando, FL

commercial laundry stores around orlando FLDiscover the best choice in commercial laundry stores around Orlando, FL.

You don’t have to waste your time looking for commercial laundry stores around Orlando FL when Commercial Laundries is close at hand. We are a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida since 1967, serving thousands of laundry facilities across the state. We have everything you need in commercial laundry equipment and services for your laundry business.

We serve all types of businesses including multi-housing properties, hotels, catering halls, hospitals, student housing and more and we would love to serve you too. We carry commercial laundry products that are not available in big box stores, but are only handled by authorized commercial laundry vendors like us. If you want affordable, high quality laundry products we should be your top pick among Orlando coin op laundry companies.

Select From a Large Commercial Laundry Inventory

Commercial Laundries is the best in commercial laundry stores around Orlando FL. We carry a large inventory of commercial laundry equipment that is stored in our vast warehouse. Whether you need high-tech models or space-savers, once you select the type of machines that best suit your laundry business needs, we can have your machines delivered, installed and ready for use immediately. Our sales reps can review different machine models that you may be interested in for your laundry facility, plus ADA compliant machines designed for the handicapped community.

You can choose laundry equipment in front and top loading models, in a card or coin operated format. We also have space saving stackable equipment for facilities with a limited amount of available space. All of our machines are easy to use and have digital display panels that offer multiple dispenser trays, cycle options, and water temperature selections. Our products and services should make us your top pick for Orlando coin op laundry companies.

All of our card and coin operated laundry machines are Energy Star certified to guarantee that you are getting substantial savings in gas, water, and electric costs. Our premium machines are mechanically and technologically designed to operate using less water and energy, yet provide an improved laundry outcome. You can reduce wastewater by up to 50 percent and reduce hot water usage by up to 30 percent with our state of the art machinery. Our laundry products can significantly reduce your operating costs, plus they help to conserve natural resources.

Pick a Commercial Laundry Company You Can Depend On

You can’t find better commercial laundry stores around Orlando FL than us. We have built an excellent reputation because we are committed to serving our clients with the utmost integrity, professionalism and respect. We are dedicated to assisting you in operating a successful commercial laundry facility by supplying premium laundry products and excellent services.

Our team of professionals can help you set-up your laundry facility and select better laundry solutions that will meet your business needs and patron expectations. We also offer complimentary Utility Assessment Reports to all our clients. One of our technicians can inspect your laundry facility to determine if there are any problems in your operation that could be costing you extra money, or causing excessive wear and tear on your machines. Your Report will list any problems and provide solutions, but it is entirely up to you to follow through on addressing the issues. This is a free service that we provide and there is no pressure on our part.

We currently retain three offices in Orlando, Tampa and Miami, plus we have a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment and parts, so that we have the resources available when our clients need them.

We understand how having broken machines in need of repair affects the bottom line of your business. You will never have to worry about finding reliable and capable technicians to service your machines. We employ our own team of mechanics and technicians who are required to attend continuing education to stay abreast of any advancement in our industry. Our team is highly trained and experienced to handle all your laundry machines requirements.

To find commercial laundry equipment around Orlando, contact Commercial Laundries today at: 407-986-1410.