Orlando Campus Laundry Solutions

campus laundry solutionsLearn more about our excellent campus laundry solutions for student dorms at Commercial Laundries.

If you manage a student housing facility you may be interested in campus laundry solutions. Students that are away at college cannot bring their laundry home each weekend for their parents to wash it. These students have to become responsible and wash their own laundry and an on-site laundry facility may be just the answer to help them out. With busy schedules and study time taking up most of their week, the convenience of an on-site laundry facility would be greatly appreciated by your students.

But your laundry facility would not just benefit them, it would also benefit you because a commercial laundry facility is a lucrative revenue stream that could add extra funds to the coffers. Your facility could also sell laundry items like detergent, bleach and softener, plus snacks, soda and bottled water. This will add more income to your laundry facility enterprise. Your campus laundry solutions should also include Commercial Laundries’ durable and dependable laundry equipment that can withstand constant use by students who may be a little rowdy.

Lease Commercial Campus Laundry Solutions

If you are considering building an on-site laundry facility as a part of your campus laundry solutions or a multi-housing property amenity, Commercial Laundries can help set-up your facility with rugged and durable, coin or card operated laundry equipment.

We are a family owned commercial laundry vendor in Florida serving many laundry facilities across the state and we are the leading supplier of commercial laundry equipment for Florida’s commercial and educational industries. Being experts in our respective field, we can assist you in utilizing smart solutions to increase your revenue and lower your operating costs.

Our multi-housing laundry in Florida solutions include some of the best laundry equipment on the market built by such reputable manufacturers like: Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. Your tenants will be pleased with the great performance of our machines, and the easy-to-use digital dashboard that offers multiple dispenser trays, cycle options and water temperature selections. All of our machines are Energy Star rated and are available in front and top loading styles. We also carry space saving stackable equipment for small areas.

You can purchase new or used laundry machines at competitive prices and if your budget is tight and you cannot outlay a large initial investment, you can select our very popular tax-deductible laundry equipment leasing program. When you lease laundry equipment from us you receive complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. Our technicians will make sure that your machines are working at their peak level of performance and not using excessive energy.

Our machines will save money on water, gas and electric costs and reduce wastewater by up to 50%, which equates to a one-third reduction in hot water and energy usage. We have large capacity machines that can easily handle large loads of laundry and also provide advanced engineered agitation and extraction features that produce a cleaner laundry outcome in less time and utility expense. You will find that our multi-housing laundry in Florida will save you money and also preserve natural resources. All of our machines have chip-resistant cabinets which is another important part of our campus laundry solutions.

At Commercial Laundries we employ our own team of technicians and mechanics who are expertly trained, fully licensed and insured, and are required to attend continuing education classes to stay abreast of the latest technological and mechanical advancements in our industry. Our team is fully capable of handling all your laundry equipment requirements and if repairs are in order, our team will address the problem quickly and efficiently. We also retain a large warehouse fully stocked with laundry equipment and parts so that all of your laundry equipment requests are taken care of.

For more information on laundry equipment leasing and campus laundry solutions, contact Commercial Laundries Inc. today at: 407-986-1410 and speak with one of our bi-lingual representatives.