Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair in Orlando

commercial laundry equipment repairFind the washer repair in Orlando you need to keep your operation going at Commercial Laundries.

Is your commercial laundry facility experiencing Murphy’s law – whatever can go wrong will go wrong? Are your machines breaking down and wearing “out of order” signs? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions don’t fret, Commercial Laundries is here to help. We know that when your laundry equipment is not working you are not making money, and that is why we provide comprehensive commercial laundry equipment repair services.

Depending on your situation, tenants can resume doing their laundry in your facility, and employees will have the clean laundry they need to do their job properly. Our laundry equipment services address all equipment problems quickly so that your machines are up and running at their full potential in no time flat.

Service Department

When you partner with us, you’ll have a great team of mechanics and technicians who will maintain your machines so that they are performing properly with minimal wear and tear on machine parts. Our mechanics and technicians are required to attend continuing education classes to remain in the loop of all advancements in our industry, and must begin their career with us on an apprentice level.

By investing in education and experience for our service department employees, we can assure that you are receiving the best commercial laundry equipment repair services. Teamwork allows us to conduct intelligent solutions to whatever problems you may be facing with your laundry equipment. We are committed to serving you with integrity, excellence and respect

Washer Repair

Are you having problems with your commercial washers? There are many common problems that can occur with washers, like machines not spinning or agitating. You could be experiencing leaks from your washer caused by clogged or leaking hoses. Washers that won’t drain properly will leave laundry sopping wet and may be of sign of a jammed drain pump. Our washer repair Orlando services handle every type of machine problem including broken belts, motor problems, a faulty lid switch, excessive shaking and vibration, etc. Our team of experts can troubleshoot any machine to diagnose what is causing the problem and correct it. You will be relieved of all your machine problems with our washer repair Orlando services.


There is nothing more aggravating than having your machines fail during peak service hours. We highly recommend that you have machine problems attended to quickly before they develop into more serious problems. If your laundry machine won’t turn on, the first thing our technician may check is the breaker box, then the outlet voltage, and also determine if the outlet is faulty. Sometimes the machine motor will overheat and shut down the machine, or the timing mechanism isn’t properly aligned with the control panel.

If a broken belt is causing machine failure, our technician will check to see if the pulley is causing the belt problem before replacing the belt with a new one. Although we have only mentioned a few, you can see that there are multiple reasons why laundry machines will fail and require laundry equipment services by experienced professionals.

Service Program

To keep your commercial laundry equipment operating at its maximum potential you will need the expertise of maintenance and repair services. Our laundry equipment service program provides you with everything you need to maintain your machines, and also receive commercial laundry equipment repair services when one of your machines breaks down. Your service program can be customized to meet your laundry equipment requirements and budget, and you can rest assured that you have a team of experts available to sustain your laundry equipment and keep your laundry business in full operation.

We are a leading laundry vendor in Florida providing quality commercial laundry products and commercial laundry equipment repair services. For more information contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at 407-986-1410.