Benefits of Stack Washer Dryer Equipment

stack washer dryerSearching for the best coin operated washer equipment in Orlando? Contact Commercial Laundries today.

Operating a successful business means having the resources you need when you need them. If you own a business and are outsourcing your laundry, you know how high the cost can be. You may also be distressed by late deliveries that leave you and your workers on edge because it sets-back your schedule. There is nothing better than having control over every aspect of your business so that it will run properly, and to do that you need stack washer dryer equipment from Commercial Laundries. You and your business will flourish from the many good benefits of having your own laundry facility such as:

Hotels and Restaurants

If you manage a hotel, restaurant or catering hall, stack washer dryer equipment will help your workers get the clean laundry they need, when they need it, to do their job properly. You won’t need a large space for stack washer dryer equipment, just a decent sized closet will do. If you can afford a larger space, you can set-up a few stack washer dryer units, and daily clean laundry can be available on demand to keep your business running smoothly.

Multi-Housing Properties

For those of you who own or manage a multi-housing property, an on-site laundry facility will be a great asset to your business. Your laundry facility will increase the value of your property, plus create an additional revenue stream for you to enjoy. As a sought after amenity, your laundry facility will attract new tenants to your property and help you to retain tour existing ones. Commercial Laundries carries the best coin operated washer and dryer units that your tenants will find easy to use. Our quality machines offer an excellent laundry outcome and require less cycle timing, saving your tenants precious time when doing their laundry chores.

Dorms and Apartments

Hotels, student dorms, and condominiums also need an on-site laundry facility for their patrons to perform their laundry tasks. You can select coin or card operated stack washer dryer for sale, or lease, among our quality inventory. Patrons will find our credit card machines easy to use and a convenient payment method. All they have to do is slide the card through the scanner and the machine will be engaged for use. Your patrons can credit their card through the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility, making our card operated stack washer dryer for sale a simple process to use.

Price changes are easy to make and can be done in small increments with Smart Card technology. And all machine transactions are electronically stored, making book keeping and money-collection an easier time-saving process.

Wee Offer a Variety of Options to Meet Your Business’ Needs

Having the best stack washer dryer equipment in your laundry facility can make all the difference in the success of your business. At Commercial Laundries we offer new and used card operated stack washer dryer for sale, or lease. Our machines are built to endure the daily rigors of commercial laundry use and offer a high performance that your patrons will love. We carry laundry equipment made by famous American manufacturers who are known for quality merchandise. Our stack washer dryer equipment is Energy Star rated to bring you cost-effective savings on your water, electric and gas bills. You will find a noted reduction in hot water usage, and less wastewater, conserving thousands of gallons of water per year. All of our washers have automatic suspension balancing systems, and powerful agitation and extraction features that provide a clean laundry outcome in a less amount of time.

You can reap all the advantages of an on-site commercial laundry facility with a Commercial Laundries card operated stack washer dryer for sale. You will no longer have to outsource your laundry for business purposes, or you could add a facility as an asset to your business. To learn more about our stack washer dryer equipment, or our best coin operated washer dryer units contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 407-986-1410.