Is a Card Operated Washer Right for Your Orlando Property? 

card operated washerPurchase or lease a name brand card operated washer for your onsite laundry area.

Want to upgrade your laundry facility with card operated washer and dryer equipment? It’s easy when you have Commercial Laundries as your vendor. We have the knowledge and resources to make your commercial laundry business a success. We know how important it is to have reliable and cost-effective commercial washers and dryers in your facility. The right kind of laundry equipment will lower your operating costs and provide an excellent laundry outcome that your patrons will love. Let us help you upgrade your laundry facility with card operated washer and dryer laundry equipment.

You can upgrade your laundry facility with machines that are built with cutting edge technology that offers you many benefits. Our card operated washer and dryer units provide easy to use credit card technology that your patrons will appreciate. Patrons can credit their card by using a credit or debit card, or cash, at the Clean Pay kiosk system located in your laundry facility. With just one swipe of their card through the scanner on the card op washer or dryer and the machine will be engaged for use. Your patrons will appreciate the fact that they no longer have to acquire coins to get their laundry clean.

And you will not have to go from machine to machine to collect your money, or worry about coin vault tampering or damage. All transaction information is stored and easily accessed, for more efficient bookkeeping, and small-increment price changes can easily be made. New card technology allows you to customize exclusive pricing schedules and set prices for special promotions during off-peak hours, and increase prices during peak hours. This strategy helps to off-set a large amount of people striving to use machines during peak times of the day or week, which helps to eliminate stress and frustration.

Commercial Laundries is known to provide excellent laundry products and services. Our card operated washer and dryer equipment provides many great features for you and your patrons to enjoy:

  • Our card op washer and dryer units have multiples cycle options and water temperature selections.
  • All card operated washer and dryer equipment has easy to read and operate digital display panels.
  • Card op washer units are equipped with stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs to gently move laundry around the machine.
  • Improved automatic balancing suspension systems are built into each card operated washer and dryer.
  • Quick speed agitators and extractors save time and improve the laundry outcome.
  • Quiet but powerful blower systems are built into in all dryers, with multiple heat cycles.
  • All of our commercial washers and dryers are Energy Star certified to bring you cost-effective savings in gas, electric and water costs.

One of our sale reps can help you select which card operated washer and dryer units will best serve your business needs and patron expectations. All of our commercial washers and dryers come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. We also provide many great services such as: delivery, installation, removal of old machinery, maintenance visits, repair services and Utility Assessment Reports. We license, insure and educate our expert team of technicians and mechanics so that they are able to service your commercial washers and dryers to keep them operating at their optimum level of performance. Maintaining your machines properly will keep your patrons happy, eliminate waste, reduce wear and tear on your machines and save you money on energy usage. We also have a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment and parts so that we have the resources to better serve our clients.

If you are interested in commercial washers and dryers, for sale or lease, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 407-986-1410.