Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair in Orlando

Commercial laundry equipment repair in Orlando, Florida is easy thanks to Commercial Laundries.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair in OrlandoIt isn’t hard to find dependable commercial laundry equipment repair in Orlando. Commercial Laundries is a commercial laundry industry leader in Florida serving many companies for years, and we would love to partner with you. If you own or manage a commercial laundry facility, you know how difficult it can be to get reliable and knowledgeable repair service when one of your machines breaks down. We can offer you excellent and timely repair services on all your Orlando commercial laundry equipment.


Dependable Commercial Laundry Equipment

If you are in need of laundry equipment, we carry top name brand commercial laundry equipment by such noted manufacturers as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen. Our machines are built to be durable and reliable, and they offer excellent mechanical and technological machine performance. Our washing machines come with either a stainless steel or porcelain ceramic washtub for gentle ease of laundry movement during the wash cycle. And they are also equipped with a strong agitation and spin cycle to get laundry cleaner in a short amount of time. Our dryers are also built with powerful blower systems to reduce drying time, saving you money on utility costs. All our machines are Energy Star certified to bring you cost-effective, energy efficient savings on water, gas and electric expenses.


Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair

There may be times when one of your machines is in need of repairs. Belts wear out, couplers break, hoses get clogged and parts wear down and malfunction. Our knowledgeable mechanics and technicians can offer you timely repair services so that your facility is in full operation and performing at its highest potential in no time at all. We employ our own team of mechanics and technicians who are educated on the latest advances in our industry. They are more than capable to handle any of your commercial laundry equipment repair needs. And we have the resources necessary to equip your facility, or perform necessary repairs because we maintain a 15,000 square foot warehouse stocked with new and used laundry equipment and parts. We offer Orlando commercial laundry equipment, repair services and customer satisfaction with a smile, and our technicians are always available to help you.

Our commercial laundry systems in Orlando include front and top loading laundry equipment and we also carry stackable machines for facilities with limited available space. Stackable machines take up half the floor space as regular sized machines and offer the same quality performance. We carry new and used Orlando commercial laundry equipment, and we also have excellent lease options that can be customized to meet your budget and laundry facility needs. You can select from standard operated machines or choose retail coin or Smart card operated machines. Upgrading your laundry facility or adding extra machines to improve your business investment is as simple as a phone call away. Our knowledgeable sales representatives can explain all the nuances of our commercial laundry systems in Orlando, and help you select which machines will best serve your business needs and goals.

We pride our self on providing excellent bi-lingual customer service, and our services include installation, set-up, utility assessment, maintenance and repairs. We can help you create the ideal commercial laundry facility in Orlando, and our knowledgeable advisory staff can assist you in selecting the right equipment that works within your budget. To learn more about our commercial laundry systems in Orlando, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 407-986-1410.